Episode Guide

Dear New Student,

It's come to my attention that you've been wasting time, reading this blog, when you should be studying. If you continue to click around these episodes, you and I will be having a chat, a very stern one at that.  Education comes before frivolous entertainment.  Get back to work!

Arthur Michaelson

Dean of Students

Hedgewater College


Episode 1: Jock in Shining Armor

Episode 2: Open for Business  

Episode 3: Beware of Piranhas

Episode 4: Roses Are Red

Episode 5: Paging Dr. Foster

Episode 6: Partners In Crime Are Hard To Find

Episode 7: Daddy's Home

Episode 8: Where Secrets Bloom

Episode 9: The Secret Garden

Episode 10: The Birdie Blues

Episode 11:  Three Is A Magic Number

Episode 12: At The End of A Gun

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