Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Episode 9 is up now.

I'm not quite sure what happened when I posted episode 9 but it wasn't loading to the top of my posts when I viewed it on the Hedgewater blog.  So as not to confuse everyone with the order of the posts, I've provided a link to the episode here.  Sorry about any confusion.  Thanks.  :)



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  1. Really enjoyed this chapter girlie. Nice to learn a few more details while on this awesome decent into madness. So so happy Shay and Jagger were able to put their differences aside and decide to room together. Not only will it benefit them mentally, but it also gives them a little protection because they will have each other to watch each others backs. I think lil Kelly's spitfire attitude might help draw Shay out of his shell a bit too. The kid likes to pry and won't take no for an answer as we've seen with him and Jagger. I can't wait to see their friendships develop.

    Thanks for another great chapter. I am dying to know where you are taking the story from here.